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Basic training of early childhood education teachers in written language and literature. The Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona - UAB case

posted on 19.12.2018, 02:47 by Neus Real, Maria Rosa Gil

ABSTRACT This article presents the results of a research performed in the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) to evaluate the basic training in didactics of written language and literature for students of early childhood education. Through initial and final diagnostic tools and the contrast of data, it was found that this training channels the integration of the socio-constructivist principles of linguistic learning and the acquisition of both the foundations of literary education and a remarkable knowledge of books destined to first ages, as well as the application of key tools in the analysis and interpretation of both children's written productions and literary texts. All this results in a significant change of didactic projection. Despite this progress, the research also highlights the need to work more on the proactivity of children, the figure of the teacher as a mediator, contextualization of written language activities, interpretation of literary works and the definition of learning objectives in literature activities.