Baited Remote Underwater Video (BRUVS): Images and Figures

posted on 06.02.2018 by Lachlan C. Fetterplace, Matt Rees

This fileset includes Baited Remote Underwater Video Station (BRUVS) figures/images in TIFF, PNG, PDF, JPG, EPS, and AI formats.

Baited Under Water Video Stations (BRUVS) are commonly used to remotely assess aquatic fauna assemblages. There is a wide range of BRUVS configuration and set-ups, however horizontal facing cameras like the ones in this fileset (either single or stereo pairs) are most commonly employed (See Whitmarsh et al. 2017 for a in-depth review of BRUVS research and methodology).

The following figures are included:

1) BRUV system on the seafloor

2) BRUV system with a detachable drop camera with live surface feed attached.

3) Stereo BRUV

4) Combined figure

5) Combined figure with detachable drop camera with live surface feed attached.

6) Low resolution figure summary.

When using this data-set cite either of the following:

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Fetterplace, L.C. (2018). “The ecology of temperate soft sediment fishes: Implications for fisheries management and marine protected area design". Doctor of Philosophy Thesis, University of Wollongong.