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BIOL2050 LAB 5-Maple trees of perimeter and non-perimeter woodlot

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posted on 2014-11-07, 18:13 authored by Yu XiaoYu Xiao

The block experiment was conducted from 2:50 to 3:50 at Danby Woods where located at south of Chimneystack Rd. and west of Keele St. of York University Keele campus on October 17, and 24. The temperature was around 6 degree Celsius on October 17 with moderate breeze and heavy clouds, and was around 15 degree Celsius on October 24 with a clear blue sky. The purpose of this experiment is to study how abundance of canopy is affected by the relative location of woodlot and whether other abiotic factors can influence abundance of canopy. 10 randomly selected adult maple trees for perimeter and 10 adult trees for non-perimeter of woodlot was measured for its tree height, the percentage of canopy exposure to sun, percentage of leaf abundance, and leaf colour by observation. In addition, experimenters also measured dbh by transect, pH of soil by PH meter (litmus paper), and soil moisture level by hand touch. This experiment was repeated one week after, so total 40 adult maple trees were measured, the 20 for perimeter and the other 20 for non-perimeter. However, the first experiment was conducted in the southern part of woodlot, and the second experiment was conducted in the western part of woodlot. Both experiments were collaborated with Naz Naji, Kristine Gulli, and Winnie Zhao.