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BANYAN. V. The BASS All-Sky Survey

posted on 17.10.2014, 08:09 by Jonathan GagnéJonathan Gagné, David Lafrenière, René Doyon, Lison Malo, Étienne Artigau

This paper describes the catalog resulting from the BANYAN All-Sky Survey for low-mass stars and brown dwarf members of young moving groups. The "BASS_SHORT.pdf" version is identical to the Arxiv version ; the "BASS_LONG.pdf" version has full tables except for the first table in Annex A that describes the whole input catalog of ~100,000 nearby, probable > M5 stars. The "BASS_EXTREMELY_LONG.pdf" version has all full tables (warning; it's more than 1,000 pages long !). Additionnally, all tables are provided in LateX version, which can be programatically read.