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Avocado Transcriptome Assembly

posted on 19.06.2019, 14:12 by Tinashe ChabikwaTinashe Chabikwa, Francois Barbier, Milos Tanurdzic, Christine Beveridge

Avocado transcriptome assembly from pooled leaf, stem, bud, root, floral and fruit tissue. Using normalized cDNA libraries, we generated comprehensive RNA-Seq datasets using the Illumina NextSeq 500 platform. 63420 of avocado unigenes respectively were generated and functionally annotated using a combination of de novo transcriptome assembly, redundancy reduction and Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST) searches to the Universal Protein Resource UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot database.


This work was financially supported by the Australian Research Council, the Queensland Government and the Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited.

ARC Laureate Fellowship FL180100139