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AvoPlot - graphical plotting tool based on matplotlib

posted on 10.02.2014, 10:00 authored by Nial PetersNial Peters

Built on top of Python's excellent matplotlib plotting library, AvoPlot is a graphical plotting tool designed for visualising and analysing scientific data. In addition to providing a user-friendly interface to many of the capabilities of matplotlib, it also provides a plug-in framework, allowing users to easily extend its standard feature set to meet their specific requirements. Plug-ins can be written both to import different data sets (e.g. binary data), and to provide analysis tools for working with them (e.g. fitting routines, background subtraction etc.).

Full documentation and examples can be found in the source distribution (the .tar.gz files), or on the project home page (see links below).


Latest Version: 14.01

This version features a much improved installer, which fixes the installation issues that some users experienced with the 13.11 release. There is also a 64bit installer available for Windows for this release. More plot editing features have been added including tick label and gridline editing. Behind the scenes, there have been many performance improvements. This release also includes a *very* limited and highly experimental scripting interface (which mimics matplotlib's pylab interface). See the project home page (linked below) for details.


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