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Austrian Science Fund (FWF) Publication Cost Data 2013

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posted on 06.04.2015, 12:40 by Falk RecklingFalk Reckling, Margit KenzianMargit Kenzian

Following the Wellcome Trust, the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) makes its publication costs spent in 2013 (esp. for Open Access) publically available.

An aggregated version of this dataset is already published in FWF's annual report 2013 (p. 86), http://www.fwf.ac.at/de/public_relations/publikationen/jahresberichte/fwf-jahresbericht-2013.pdf

The dataset includes payments for journal articles of authors funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) via the program ‘Peer Reviewed Publications’, http://www.fwf.ac.at/en/projects/peer-reviewed_publications.html

The dataset distinguishes between three publication cost categories:

(1) Gold Open Access and (2) Hybrid Open Access are defined by FWF's Open Access Policy, see: http://www.fwf.ac.at/en/public_relations/oai/index.html

(3) ‘Other publication costs’ are defined as additional costs to subscription prices charged by subscription journals (i.e. submission fees, colour charges, page charges, figure charges, table charges, supplemental charges).

Based on this data and the data of Web of Science (WoS), we roughly estimate for 2013 a share for Gold and Hybrid OA of around 33% of all articles (incl. reviews) that result from projects supported by the FWF and which are listed in Web of Science.

The analysis of this dataset together with the report “Developing an Effective Market for Open Access Article Processing Charges” (http://www.wellcome.ac.uk/About-us/Policy/Spotlight-issues/Open-access/Guides/WTP054773.htm) will lead to an adaption of the FWF’s Open Access policy within the next months. One model, for example, for a cost-neutral Hybrid Open Access is already in place: http://ioppublishing.org/newsDetails/Austria-open-access