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Artificial Intelligence and the Fight Against COVID-19

posted on 23.06.2020, 15:07 by Juan Mateos-Garcia, Joel Klinger, Konstantinos Stathoulopoulos
Datasets analysed in a paper mapping AI research activity against COVID-19. Includes:

-rxiv metadata: A dataset with metadata about 1.8m papers from arXiv, biorXiv and medrXiv as of end May 2020 enriched with dummies about whether the papers are related to AI and/or COVID-19 research (updated 22/06/2020 to fix some ids)

-rxi_geo: A dataset with geographical metadata for papers based on the institutional affiliations of their authors after matching with the GRID database.

-covid_semantic: A dataset with topic information about COVID-19 papers based on a semantic analysis of their abstracts, including the clusters where papers have been classified and their topic mixes (updated 22/06/2020 to fix some ids).

-citation_metadata: Two JSON objects. One contains a lookup between COVID-19 related papers in the rXiv corpus and the papers they cite. Another contains metadata about the cited papers including their fields of study.

-mag_fos: A dataset with the Microsoft Academic Graph field of study hierarchy we use in our analysis (added 22 June 2020)

Each zipped folder includes a data dictionary.

For information about data processing and analysis in: https://github.com/nestauk/ai_covid_19