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Appendix 4-figure 2: DNA and tRNA methyltransferase gene phylogeny

posted on 2018-08-13, 17:31 authored by Timothy FallonTimothy Fallon, Sarah Sander LowerSarah Sander Lower
Levels and patterns of mCG in P. pyralis are corroborated by the presence of de novo and maintenance DNMTs (DNMT3 and DNMT1, respectively). Notably, P. pyralis possesses two copies of DNMT1, and 3 copies of DNMT3, in contrast to a single copy of DNMT1 and DNMT3 in the firefly Aquatica lateralis. The evolutionary history was inferred by using the Maximum Likelihood method with the LG (+G = 5)[187]. Evolutionary analyses were conducted in MEGA7 [188]. Size of circles at nodes corresponds to bootstrap support (100 bootstrap replicates). Branch lengths are in amino acid substitutions per site. T. castaneum= Tribolium castaneum, D. melanogaster= Drosophila melanogaster, N. vespilloides= Nicrophorus vespilloides.


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