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Aortic Vessel Tree (AVT) CTA Datasets and Segmentations

posted on 2022-01-06, 09:07 authored by Lukas Radl, Yuan Jin, Antonio PepeAntonio Pepe, Jianning LiJianning Li, Christina GsaxnerChristina Gsaxner, Fen-hua Zhao, Jan EggerJan Egger

The datasets include 56 CTA scans from mostly healthy aortas, covering the aortic arch and its branches and the abdominal aortas with the iliac arteries. Furthermore, we include segmentations (masks) of the aortas and its branches (aortic vessel trees) as binary mask images.

Note: The collections includes one case with an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) and five cases with aortic dissections (ADs).

-Please use the following citations if you use the datasets in your work:
L. Radl, et al. “Aortic Vessel Tree (AVT) CTA Datasets and Segmentations“. Figshare, 2021.

L. Radl, Y. Jin, A. Pepe, J. Li, C. Gsaxner, F. Zhao, J. Egger. “AVT: Multicenter Aortic Vessel Tree CTA Dataset Collection with Ground Truth Segmentation Masks“. Data in Brief (DIB), Elsevier, 107801, 2022.

The collection partly builds upon other public data collection, the appropriate licenses apply.

-The datasets can be quickly be viewed with StudierFenster:

AI-guided Therapies (AIT), Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (IKIM), University Hospital Essen (UKE), Germany


CAMed (COMET K-Project 871132)

KLI 678-B31 (enFaced)