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Anvi'o profiles for the FMT donors and their recipients

posted on 04.04.2021, 18:44 authored by A. Murat ErenA. Murat Eren
Anvi'o contigs and merged profile databases for the FMT donors A and B, and their recipients.

Each data pack here gives reproducible access to (1) the co-assemblies of the stool metagenomes from a given donor, (2) gene calls and annotations of gene functions for each donor contig, (3) the coverage and detection data for each donor contig across all donor and recipient metagenomes, as well as (4) genomes we have reconstructed from these data (which is stored as a collection named `default` in the merged profile database). Using anvi'o you can interactively visualize these data, reproduce our findings, or employ other tools in the anvi'o software ecosystem to explore other aspects of these metagenomes.

You may visit http://merenlab.org/data/ to find our reproducible workflow, access to our pre-print at https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.03.02.433653v1, or browse all data files associated with this study at https://figshare.com/projects/Data_for_the_FMT_study_by_Watson_et_al_2021_/99452.