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Antimicrobial resistance surveillance report, Nakhonphanom Hospital, Nakhonphanom Thailand, 01 Jan 2021 to 31 Dec 2021

posted on 2022-06-21, 07:07 authored by Preeyarach KlaytongPreeyarach Klaytong

The AMASSplus application is an extension of  AMASS Version 1.1 that was released on 12 January 2021. AMASSplus has an additional report (page 38-40) on selected notifiable bacterial diseases.For implementation of AMASSplus at your hospitals in Thailand.The application can be downloaded from

This is a repository of the files for Nakhonphanom Hospital.The attached four files are:

1) The AMR surveillance report automatically generated from AMASSplus using hospital admission and microbiology data of Nakhonphanom Hospital in Thailand

2) Aggregated summary data in .csv format automatically generated from AMASSplus

3) Data dictionary for microbiology data file of Nakhonphanom Hospital (configured by the hospital to be used with the AMASSplus application)

4) Data dictionary for hospital admission data of Nakhonphanom Hospital (configured by the hospital to be used with the   AMASSplus application)

Please note that the two data dictionary files can be re-used with the data files of the hospital in the future in cases when variables names and values in the raw data remained unchanged.


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