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Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) genes in participants detected at baseline and one year post-intervention, and in chickens.

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posted on 11.06.2020, 17:33 by Ana A. Weil, Meti D. Debela, Daniel M. Muyanja, Bernard Kakuhikire, Charles Baguma, David R. Bangsberg, Alexander C. Tsai, Peggy S. Lai

Among study participants, newly detected genes after one year are shown in bold. Baseline grouping includes both intervention and control group participants. AMR gene detection was measured using a qPCR array (Qiagen). Raw cycle threshold (CT) values were used to determine detection of AMR, defined as positive if ΔCT >6, not detected if ΔCT <3 and inconclusive if ΔCT was ≥ 3 and ≤6, as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Raw qPCR data is shown in S1 Table. Gene names are italicized and names of gene classes are not.