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Annotated bulk-population RNA-seq data on a mesoderm differentiation dataset

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posted on 20.09.2016, 23:00 authored by Pang Wei KohPang Wei Koh, Zhenghao Chen, Kyle Loh, Rahul Sinha, Lay Teng Ang, Irving Weissman, Anshul Kundaje
Bulk-population RNA-seq data as described in Loh and Chen et al., Cell ( Each row in this spreadsheet, corresponding to one gene, has been annotated with whether it is associated with the GO code GO:0009986 ("cell surface"). For each pair of cell types that we compare, each row also has two columns ("DE [celltype1]-[celltype2]" and "sLFC [celltype1]-[celltype2]"), which respectively denote whether that gene is differentially expressed in the two cell types and the shrunken log fold change between the two cell types, as calculated by DESeq2 (Love, Huber, Anders (2014)). If the sLFC is negative, it means that the expression of that gene in [celltype1] is lower than in [celltype2]. For brevity, only genes that are differentially expressed in at least one condition have been included.


This work was supported by CIRM (RT2-02060, RT3-07683, TB1-01195), NIH (HL125040, GM007365, HL119553, HL071546, HL100405, NS069375, RR029338, OD018220), HHMI, the Siebel Stem Cell Institute, anonymous donors, and A*STAR.


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