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Analysis of combat fighting in Homer's Iliad

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posted on 16.09.2020 by Andreas Flouris, Stavros Petmezas, Panagiotis Asimoglou

This is a dataset containing the data from a textual analysis of Homer’s Iliad aiming to identify the main types of combat and the typical techniques, movements, and weapons used by combatants. This dataset has been previously posted by our group. We are re-posting the same dataset, as the earlier Figshare post included errors in the description of the file.

The analysis included a careful study of the Iliad performed independently by two reviewers who were either study investigators or had an extensive background in classical studies. To eliminate inter-reviewer bias due to interpretation of ancient Greek, the textual analyses were performed using the Iliad translation into Modern Greek by Prof. Dimitrios N. Maronitis, a well-accepted translation that received the 2011 State Award for Interlanguage Translation. Notes addressing each topic were transcribed verbatim by a third investigator and were proofread by the original reviewer. Thematic analysis of transcripts was conducted independently by three investigators (Andreas Flouris, Stavros Petmezas, and Panagiotis Asimoglou). Thereafter, each investigator reviewed the others’ results, and then they established the final themes by consensus.