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An Unusual Asymmetric Polyoxomolybdate Containing Mixed-Valence Antimony and Its Derivatives: [Sb4VSb2IIIMo18O73(H2O)2]12− and {M(H2O)2[Sb4VSb2IIIMo18O73(H2O)2]2}22− (M = MnII, FeII, CuII or CoII)

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posted on 17.03.2008, 00:00 by Ganglin Xue, Xuemei Liu, Haisheng Xu, Huaiming Hu, Feng Fu, Jiwu Wang
A new type of heteropolyanion containing mixed-valence antimony, [Sb4VSb2IIIMo18O73(H2O)2]12− (1a), and its four derivatives, {M(H2O)2[Sb4VSb2IIIMo18O73(H2O)2]2}22− (M = MnII, FeII, CuII, or CoII) (2a−5a), have been isolated as ammonium salt, and their structures were determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. The framework of the polyanion 1a displays a curious asymmetric structure, and there exist six types of Sb coordination environments and seven types of {MoO6} octahedra. The title compounds were also characterized by elemental analyses, IR, UV–vis, Raman spectra, and cyclic voltammogramms.