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Modeling the direct virus exposure risk associated with respiratory events

posted on 2021-12-03, 14:31 authored by Jietuo Wang, Federico Dalla Barba, Alessio RocconAlessio Roccon, Gaetano Sardina, Alfredo Soldati, Francesco Picano
This repository contains:
*Dataset of the manuscript "an effective model for evaluating the direct virus exposure associated to respiratory events".
*Python scripts that can be used to generate the figures.

Manuscript DOI: (TBA)

The folder contains all the post-processed data used to generate the different figures.

Each figure*.zip folder contains:
*The script that can be used to generate the respective figure (also provided in final format).
*The supporting data for that figure (formatted format, .dat).

To reproduce the figure, unzip the respective folder and for:
-Figure 2 (manuscript): run the gnuplot script ""
-Figure 3 (manuscript): run the python script ""
-Figure 4 (manuscript): run the python script ""
-Figure 5 (manuscript): run the python script ""
-Figure 6 (manuscript): run the python script ""

The resulting plots are also provided in *.png or *.pdf formats.


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