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Additional file 7: Table S4. of Metabolic and transcriptomic changes induced in host during hypersensitive response mediated resistance in rice against the Asian rice gall midge

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posted on 19.02.2016 by Ruchi Agarrwal, Ayyagari Padmakumari, Jagadish Bentur, Suresh Nair
Overview of deregulation of transcripts, involved in light reaction and Calvin cycle of photosynthesis and tetrapyrrole synthesis pathway, in the resistant host (RP) upon gall midge biotype 1 (GMB1) infestation. Detailed information such as fold change in relative expression of these transcripts upon gall midge infestation (Fold change RPI/RPUI), their gene locus ids, protein name and function, GO annotation, pathways, Affymetrix probe ids is provided. RP: indica rice variety RP2068-18-3-5, I: infested, UI: un-infested. (XLSX 16 kb)


Indian Council of Agricultural Research