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Additional file 5 of Characterization of antibiotic resistance and host-microbiome interactions in the human upper respiratory tract during influenza infection

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posted on 17.03.2020, 04:40 by Lingdi Zhang, Christian V. Forst, Aubree Gordon, Gabrielle Gussin, Adam B. Geber, Porfirio J. Fernandez, Tao Ding, Lauren Lashua, Minghui Wang, Angel Balmaseda, Richard Bonneau, Bin Zhang, Elodie Ghedin
Additional file 5: Table S5. DEGs in the host modules enriched with differentially expressed genes. Pathway enrichment analysis was done on the genes in the host modules with significant responses to influenza infection. Corrected p-values of 0.05 were used as cut off and the pathways with non-significant p-values are shown as N/A.


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