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Additional file 4 of A pair of long intergenic non-coding RNA LINC00887 variants act antagonistically to control Carbonic Anhydrase IX transcription upon hypoxia in tongue squamous carcinoma progression

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posted on 2021-09-08, 03:28 authored by Tao Shen, Wangxiao Xia, Sainan Min, Zixuan Yang, Lehua Cheng, Wei Wang, Qianxi Zhan, Fanghong Shao, Xuehan Zhang, Zhiyu Wang, Yan Zhang, Guodong Shen, Huafeng Zhang, Li-Ling Wu, Guang-Yan Yu, Qing-Peng Kong, Xiangting Wang
Additional File 4. The accession and information of TCGA-released RNA-seq datasets analysed in this paper


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