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Additional file 3 of Reduced serum levels of pro-inflammatory chemokines in fragile X syndrome

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posted on 2020-04-16, 03:47 authored by Anke Van Dijck, Susana Barbosa, Patricia Bermudez-Martin, Olfa Khalfallah, Cyprien Gilet, Emanuela Martinuzzi, Ellen Elinck, R. Frank Kooy, Nicolas Glaichenhaus, Laetitia Davidovic
Additional file 3: Table S2. Comparison analysis of serum biomarkers levels in FXS patients and controls in the whole dataset (N = 54) and in a reduced dataset consisting of male individuals (N = 44). Minimum (Min), first quantile (Q1), median, third quantile (Q3), maximum (Max), mean, standard deviation (SD) are indicated for each group. The r effect size statistic, raw p-values (p-value) and adjusted p-values for the Mann–Whitney U-test, are indicated both for the full dataset (N = 54, n = 25 FXS patients, n = 29 controls) and for the dataset reduced to male individuals (N = 44, n = 20 FXS patients, n = 24 controls).


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