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Additional file 3 of Microbial colonization and resistome dynamics in food processing environments of a newly opened pork cutting industry during 1.5 years of activity

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posted on 2021-10-14, 03:23 authored by José F. Cobo-Díaz, Adrián Alvarez-Molina, Elena A. Alexa, Calum J. Walsh, Oscar Mencía-Ares, Paula Puente-Gómez, Eleni Likotrafiti, Paula Fernández-Gómez, Bernardo Prieto, Fiona Crispie, Lorena Ruiz, Montserrat González-Raurich, Mercedes López, Miguel Prieto, Paul Cotter, Avelino Alvarez-Ordóñez
Additional file 3. Statistical analysis for taxonomy. The first column indicates the genus to be compared among samples. Next columns (until the column titled Kruskal p-value) indicate average values for each sample group being compared. Kruskal p-value columns indicate the p-values for the comparison between sample groups, which are presented for each surface type and processing room in the sheets surface_time and room_time respectively. The subsequent columns indicate p-values from the Wilcoxon pair-wise test for each pair of sample groups, which are also indicated on the column head. Statistical analyses performed by sampling time are presented on the time sheet, by sampling time for each surface type on the surface_time sheet, by surface type for each of the three time groups on the TX_surface sheets, by sampling time for each processing room on the room_time sheet, and by processing room for each of the three time groups on the TX_room sheets. NaN means not a number, and indicates those cases where statistical analyses could not be performed due to zero values on each sample to be compared.


Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities of the Spanish Government European Commission under the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program