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Additional file 3: of Amplification and up-regulation of MIR30D was associated with disease progression of cervical squamous cell carcinomas

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posted on 29.03.2017, 05:00 by You Zhou, Yinghua Hao, Yuxia Li, Ruizhen Li, Ruifang Wu, Shubin Wang, Zhengyu Fang
List of the shared downregulated genes by miR-30d mimic transfection in Hela and SiHa cell lines, as well as the TargetScan-predicted miR-30d targets. One hundred twenty-nine down-regulated genes were shared in Hela and SiHa cell lines, and 68 of these were TargetScan predicted targets of miR-30d. (XLS 30 kb)


Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province