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Additional file 3: Figure S3. of Tumor invasion depth is a useful pathologic assessment for predicting outcomes in cervical squamous cell carcinoma after neoadjuvant radiotherapy

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posted on 04.11.2015, 05:00 by Yang Lv, Ning Wang, Yixiong Liu, Xia Li, Linni Fan, Mingyang Li, Lu Wang, Zhou Yu, Qingguo Yan, Ying Guo, Shuangping Guo, Lichun Wei, Mei Shi, Zhe Wang
Association of overall survival (OS) (A) and progression-free survival (PFS) (B) curves show a clear difference between patient outcomes according to response evaluation criteria in solid tumors (RECIST1.1). Note: CR: Complete response, PR: Partial response, PD: Progressive disease, SD: Stable disease. (ZIP 399 kb)


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