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Additional file 2: of Single-cell RNA-seq of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cell line with fractionated irradiation reveals radioresistant gene expression patterns

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posted on 26.07.2019, 04:25 by Ling Yang, Xiaoyan Zhang, Qiang Hou, Ming Huang, Hongfang Zhang, Zhenzhen Jiang, Jing Yue, Shixiu Wu
Table S1. Basic pathways and Cancer-related genes. Table S2. Four patterns of DEGs. Table S3. Key DEGs of sub of KYSE-180 12Gy. Table S4. Disease ontology of 1.5 fold DEGs. Table S5. KEGG of DEGs-obtained. Table S6. Key DEGs of bulk cell. Table S7. qPCR primer sequences of mRNA. Table S8. The enrichment GO analysis of four patterns of DEGs. (XLS 302 kb)


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