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Additional file 2: of A core phylogeny of Dictyostelia inferred from genomes representative of the eight major and minor taxonomic divisions of the group

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posted on 17.11.2016, 05:00 by Reema Singh, Christina Schilde, Pauline Schaap
Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) listing in: Sheet 1 “Protein data”: Identifiers or sequences of the 47 test proteins from published and newly sequenced genomes, respectively. Sheet 2 “GC_content”: GC-content of all test proteins. Sheet 3 “Gene_subsets”: Proteins contained in each of 5 tested protein subsets. Sheet 4 “Tree_properties”: Listing of aligned and variable positions of each of the 47 protein alignments and the number of non-consensual nodes and averaged posterior probabilities of the inferred tree. Sheet 5 “Alternative_topol.”: Listing of alternative non-consensual topological changes of each individual protein tree. Sheet 6 “protein function”: Test for correlation between protein function and tree errors. (XLSX 213 kb)