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Additional file 2: Figure S1. of The abundance of cis-acting loci leading to differential allele expression in F1 mice and their relationship to loci harboring genes affecting complex traits

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posted on 11.08.2016, 05:00 authored by Seungeun Yeo, Colin Hodgkinson, Zhifeng Zhou, Jeesun Jung, Ming Leung, Qiaoping Yuan, David Goldman
Correction of mapping bias in RNA-Seq using strain specific genomic information. Figure S2. Volcano plots identifying DAE loci. Figure S3. X-linked genes expressed in forebrain and kidney show uni-parental (maternal) expression in male F1 mice. Figure S4. Validation of 20 DAE QTLs and 15 non-DAE genes in forebrain of B6/129SF1 mice. Figure S5. Validation of DAE for imprinted genes in the forebrain of B6/129SF1 mice. Figure S6. Candidate genes at QTLs show DAE in both forebrain and kidney. Figure S7. Syn3, a gene located at a QTL associated with learning behavior shows no allelic imbalance in forebrain or kidney. Figure S3 Zim3 is expressed from only the 129S chromosome in forebrain of reciprocal F1 mice, potentially due to an INDEL in 129S gDNA. (ZIP 1175 kb)


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