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Additional file 1: of Gene expression profiling of the human natural killer cell response to Fc receptor activation: unique enhancement in the presence of interleukin-12

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posted on 2015-10-15, 05:00 authored by Amanda Campbell, Kelly Regan, Neela Bhave, Arka Pattanayak, Robin Parihar, Andrew Stiff, Prashant Trikha, Steven Scoville, Sandya Liyanarachchi, Sri Kondadasula, Omkar Lele, Ramana Davuluri, Philip Payne, William Carson
Supplemental Table  1 provides a full list of differentially expressed (2-fold or greater) genes from the microarray studies and their change in expression calculated from the following comparisons: 1) immobilized IgG stimulated NK cells vs. unstimulated NK cells (medium), 2) IL-12 stimulated NK cells vs. medium, and 3) IgG plus IL-12 co-stimulated NK cells vs. medium. (XLS 125 kb)