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posted on 2017-10-04, 19:51 authored by Florian BuettnerFlorian Buettner, Naruemon Pratanwanich, Davis McCarthy, John Marioni, Oliver Stegle
Additional Data for publication:

f-scLVM: scalable and versatile factor analysis for single-cell RNA-seq, Florian Buettner; Naruemon Pratanwanich; Davis McCarthy; John Marioni; Oliver Stegle, Genome Biology, 2017

Retina residual dataset. Residual gene expression levels for 2,145 retina cells considered in Fig. 5c-e. The residual data were obtained by regressing out the most relevant unannotated factor as inferred by f-scLVM (Supp. Fig. 8a) from the pseudo-observations Y ̃.