Acoustic Tracking Images and Figures

posted on 03.05.2018 by Lachlan C. Fetterplace

Acoustic telemetry is a common method used to assess the movement of fish and other aquatic animals.

There is a wide range of mooring configuration and set-ups, however sub-surface mooring combinations like the ones in this fileset are commonly employed.

This file set includes acoustic telemetry figures/images. File types: TIFF, JPG, cdr and AI.

Three mooring configuration variations are included:

A) Standard mooring setup with VR2W receiver attached.

B) mooring with “demersal” reference sentinel tag attached.

C) mooring with synchronisation tag attached.


1) All three mooring configurations in a single figure.

When using this these figures cite:

Fetterplace, L.C. (2017). “The ecology of temperate soft sediment fishes: Implications for fisheries management and marine protected area design". Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of Wollongong.