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Abstraction Hierarchy for Urban Systems (Dataset) v1

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posted on 2019-10-21, 12:10 authored by Melissa BedingerMelissa Bedinger
This file is the underlying dataset for the Abstraction Hierarchy for Urban Systems, Version 1 (dated 5th June 2019).

Cells A1:JR278 create an adjacency matrix for the abstraction hierarchy network. Columns JS & JT assign each abstraction hierarchy node to a level of the abstraction hierarchy (e.g. Physical Objects, level 5). Columns JU:KV identify which infrastructure or other 'subnetworks' (e.g. Energy, Water) are applicable to each abstraction hierarchy node. Each column in columns KW:LC represents a different journal paper, and the entries within each column identify the applicability of the paper's methodology to different abstraction hierarchy nodes.