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A validation scale to determine the readiness of environmental DNA assays for routine species monitoring

posted on 24.04.2020, 20:43 by Bettina Thalinger, Kristy Deiner, Lynsey R. Harper, Helen C. Rees, Rosetta C. Blackman, Daniela Sint, Caren S. Goldberg, Michael Traugott, Kat Bruce
This data set contains the data files and the R-code accompanying the titled manuscript.

"1_literature database.xlsx" contains citations and basic information on the 327 papers used in the meta-analysis.

"2_validation scale checklist.xlsx" contains the validation scores extracted for 546 targeted environmental DNA assays contained in the literature database and a separate spreadsheet with variable definitions.

"3_validation_scale_R_script.R" and "4_HTML file R script validation scale.html" contain the R script which is the basis for all calculations and figures included in the manuscript.

"5_valscale_basic", "6_checklist_metrics_1.csv", "7_val_var_summary.csv", "8_baseforbubbleplot.csv", "9_checklist_metrics_2.csv", "10_forbox1.csv", and "11_forbox2.csv" contain subsets or transformations of the data contained in "validation scale checklist.xlsx" and are accessed by the R-script, which also contains content descriptions of these files.


COST Action DNAqua-Net (CA15219)