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A new set of three-dimensional shapes for investigating mental rotation processes: validation data and stimulus set.

posted on 04.02.2016, 22:18 by Giorgio GanisGiorgio Ganis, Rogier KievitRogier Kievit

This project contains data and a set of 384 three-dimensional stimuli to be used to study mental rotation, available as .jpg and .pct format. The properties of the stimuli are described in more detail in the manuscript:

Ganis, G and Kievit, R.A. 2015. A New Set of Three-Dimensional Shapes for Investigating Mental Rotation Processes: Validation Data and Stimulus Set. Journal of Open Psychology Data 3(1):e3, DOI:http://dx.doi.org/10.5334/jopd.ai

This project also contains the pilot behavioural data (N=54) used to validate the stimuli, described in the above paper. This dataset includes basic demographics (age and gender) to facilitate further (meta)analysis. Please cite this paper whenever reusing the stimuli or data.



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