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A New Dimension in Cyclic Coinage Metal Pyrazolates: Decoration with a Second Ring of Coinage Metals Supported by Inter-ring Metallophilic Interactions

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posted on 15.02.2012, 00:00 by Ann Christin Jahnke, Kevin Pröpper, Catherine Bronner, Jörg Teichgräber, Sebastian Dechert, Michael John, Oliver S. Wenger, Franc Meyer
When pyrazolate ligands with thioether chelate arms are used in cyclic coinage metal pyrazolates [Au­(μ-pz)]n, the inner gold ring can be framed with an outer silver ring to give novel heterometallic double-crowned complexes [AuAg­(μ-Lx)­(BF4)]4. They feature short intramolecular in-plane Ag–Au interactions, are stable as octanuclear species in solution, and show promising luminescence properties.