7C Neuron use_traubexac = 1

2013-11-21T09:05:45Z (GMT) by Helena Głąbska

Traying to reproduce fig 7C from "A single column thalamocortical network model" (Traub et al 2005) on Neuron version of Traub model.Files:

fig.png - rasterplot,

out.dat - data for rasterplot,

test7_whole.png voltage trace from suppyrRS, suppyrFRB, tuftIB and spinystellate,

GROUCHO... suppyrRS, suppyrFRB, tuftIB, spinystellate, tuftRS - voltage (! only voltage) data from soma of cell1 from the population

diff_init.txt, difference in init.hoc file between this case and 7A Neuron use_traubexac = 0, the rest of the files is like in 7A use_traubexac = 0 case

constant time step

use_traubexac = 1

awake = 0

tstop = 1600 ms

dt was 0.025




CC BY 4.0