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3D thermal structure of the Helvetic nappes of the European Alps: implications for collisional processes. (supplemental data for accepted manuscript, Tectonics, 2018TC005334RRRR)

posted on 13.01.2020, 09:51 by Jean-Baptiste GiraultJean-Baptiste Girault
S1 : Raman spectroscopy of carbonaceous material data. GPS coordinates in WGS84 system, number of spectra (n), mean R2 ratio (Beyssac et al., 2002a) or RA1 ratio (Lahfid et al., 2010) reliant on best fit during post-processing using the software PeakFit following the methods described in Beyssac et al. (2002b) and Lahfid et al. (2010) with corresponding standard deviation, and calculated temperature with standard error (SE). Standard error is the standard deviation divided by √n. The absolute error on temperature is ±50 °C (Beyssac et al., 2002b). AR: Aiguilles Rouges. a) Method from Lahfid et al. (2010). b) Method from Beyssac et al. (2002b). For very disordered graphitic carbon that is found in least metamorphosed rocks, we assign T < 220 °C.

S2 : O-isotope thermometry data from Kirschner et al. (1995) used for Fig. 9 (Girault et al., 2020)