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3D-PTV Demo - Turbulent Jet

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posted on 25.03.2019, 08:52 authored by Ron ShnappRon Shnapp, Alex LiberzonAlex Liberzon
A 3D-PTV demo of a weakly turbulent jet, with some air bubbles. The jet is injected vertically upwards inside a glass tank full of water. The water is seeded with tracer particles at a rather high seeding density. The jet is weakly turbulent at a Reynolds number in the order of a few hundred ~500, and a nozzle diameter of ~ 1cm. The flow is generated by a peristaltic pump.

This dataset holds both raw data (images and binary "blob" files) that can be used to generate Lagrangian tracer trajectories, and a segment of post-processed data. Furthermore, there are videos and visualizations of the processed data and raw videos of the experimental apparatus. There is also a small number of python scripts that can help in the processing. The data open for free use, under a humble request of citation.

- Extensive description in the README file.
- See the working example via Ipython notebook.

- For more information, please contact Ron Shnapp -


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