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2D random dot motion discrimination task

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posted on 13.01.2021, 14:35 by Dominik KrzeminskiDominik Krzeminski, Jiaxiang Zhang
Behavioural data for the 2D random dot motion discrimination task.

The experiment consists of two parts:
1) Parallel staircase procedure
2) 6 blocks of random dots task on two axes

This data has been collected via Prolific recruitment portal with jsPsych and anonymised (eg. profil ids have been removed).

The folder contains two summary files:
summary_a20.csv and summary_a45.csv
for two angles of the experiment: 20 and 45 degrees between the axes.
Each summary file assigns some data gathered about participants

All the remaining files are encodes in the following way:
For example: a45_44.csv is the data for participants number 44 for condition with 45 degrees angle.
Each file contains a table that in rows contains the information about the trial. The utils functions that help you read this data you might find in the repository below.
In general the most important columns are: rt (with response time), stimuls (with information displayed on the screen), correct (that encodes whether the right option was chosen), coherence (that informs about the coherence of the dots per axis), stair_coh1 and stair_coh2 (with values of convergent coherences after staircase procedure).

The datails of the experiment and data analysis can be found: https://github.com/dokato/2drdk.




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