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2008-05-12 11-53 Lake Okataina (North)

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posted on 27.08.2021, 11:52 by Chris McBride
A CTD cast on Lake Okataina

Quality control: Calibration; Model; Sensor height (m)

Type of waterbody: Lake

Variables: Beam Transmission; Chlorophyll Fluorescence; Conductivity; Dissolved Oxygen Concentration; Dissolved Oxygen Saturation; Photosynthetically Active Radiation; Salinity; Specific Conductance; Water Temperature

Start date: 2008-05-12

End date: 2008-05-12

Lake: Lake Okataina

Region: Bay of Plenty

This dataset was originally hosted in the LERNZdb freshwater data repository that was developed as part of the Lake Ecosystem Restoration New Zealand (LERNZ) project run by the Environmental Research Institute at the University of Waikato, New Zealand.

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