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Nonlinear spike-and-slab sparse coding for interpretable image encoding. PLOS ONE

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posted on 10.03.2015, 18:17 by Jacquelyn SheltonJacquelyn Shelton, Abdul-Saboor Sheikh, Joerg Bornschein, Philip Sterne, Joerg Luecke

1) Nonlinear occluding bars data

This is ground truth data generated according to the nonlinear model in the corresponding publication, used in the first set of experiments entitled "Parameter recovery on artificial ground-truth data". It contains 2,000 examples, generated with D = 5 × 5 = 25 pixels, and H = 10 hidden dimensions according to our model: N images with overlapping ‘bars’ of varying intensities and with Gaussian observation noise of variance 2. On average, each data point contains two bars. In the corresponding publication, the data is shown in Figure 4A.