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The project of the planning system for cryo-operations in the Comsol program

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conference contribution
posted on 2021-05-03, 12:12 authored by Dmitry SimankovDmitry Simankov
The ninth international scientific and practical conference: “Cryogenic technologies and equipment. Development Prospects "held within the framework of the 9th International Exhibition" Cryogen-Expo - 2010 ", p. 82.
(Девятая международная научно-пратическая конференция: «Криогенные технологии и оборудование. Перспективы развития», проводимой в рамках 9-ой международной выставки «Криоген-Экспо - 2010», стр 82.)

The project of system of planning cryosurgery is offered. Its realization reflects on the basis of program Сomsol. It is possible to import real geometry of a tumor and a handpiece to program Сomsol cryodestructor for calculation of a thermal field and a necrosis zone.
The proposed work is aimed at creating a system for planning cryo-operations in clisio. At the moment, there is no such system. Today there is research software that calculates using special numerical methods to test the theory in different institutes.
For the successful application of cryosurgery methods in practice, doctors planning an operation, as well as an engineer designing effective cryogenic medical equipment, must not only correctly calculate the parameters of local cryoinfluence on biological tissue, but also be able to predict its results. At present, both the empirical method and the method of mathematical modeling are used to assess the results of local cryoinfluence. The method of mathematical modeling does not allow one to accurately describe the body's response to cryotherapy and to calculate the zones of necrosis. Its implementation in practice requires careful experimental verification. This is exactly what should be done, since there are very few doctors with high practical knowledge in cryomedicine, and the flow of patients is quite high.
Therefore, the following tasks are set: 1) creation of a new generation of technology capable of making dynamic measurements with the required accuracy (a technical task for an experimental device has been drawn up and I conclude an agreement with a company to create this device); 2) conducting a series of experiments to determine the thermophysical properties on various biomaterials, both with and without pathology; 3) purchase or rent of licensed software for setting analytical and empirical data obtained from the experiment, and literature data.
There are many software products that implement the numerical finite-difference method. Only unlike them, Comsol has a module for dynamic processes of bioheat, as well as using third-party software, for example, from Simpleware, you can set the real geometry of the tumor, obtained by diagnostic medical equipment (MRI, CT).


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