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Situated Immersion: The Living Room of the Future

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conference contribution
posted on 15.07.2019, 12:05 authored by Adrian Gradinar, Joseph Lindley, Paul Coulton, Ian Forrester, Phil Stenton
This paper presents the Living Room of the Future which explores new forms of immersive experience which utilise Object Based Media to provision media that is personalised, adaptable, dynamic, and responsive. It builds upon previous research on Perceptive Media, Internet of Things Storytelling, and Experiential Futures which, in contrast to approaches that simply conflate immersion with increased visual fidelity, proposes subtle and nuanced ways to immerse audiences in a situated context. The room-sized prototype demonstrates this approach to immersion and includes connected devices that provide contextual data to personalise the media as well as physical elements that enhance the immersive experience.


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