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Noise Level of Important Places of Rajshahi City

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conference contribution
posted on 06.04.2020, 05:11 authored by Md. ShahinMd. Shahin, Md. Niamul Bari, Md. Khalid Bin Olid, Md. Jamidul Islam

Noise, commonly defined as an unwanted sound, is an environmental phenomenon to which human are exposed throughout their life. Noise can also be considered an environmental pollutant. Noise is not simply an annoyance rather a hazard to one’s physical and mental well-being. This study attempts to assess the traffic induced noise and suggests some mitigation measures which are likely to reduce the level of noise. The main sources of higher noise level in Rajshahi city due to transportation activities. For this purpose present study was carried out at 10 different important locations with Sound Level Meter to assess the sound level in Rajshahi city. Along with the noise level measurement the traffic volume was also determined at the same time to establish whether any relationship or not. In this study more acute zones which are affected by the sound pollution in Rajshahi city were identified. From the study, it is observed that the maximum noise levels were detected to be 103.5 dB, 105.2 dB, 104.1 dB, 102 dB, 102 dB, 95.5 dB, 99 dB, 99.4 dB, 95.8 dB, 93.8 dB at Talaimari more, Vodra more, Rail station, Rail gate, Kashiadanga, C & B more, Laxmipur more, Monichottor, Saheb Bazer zero point and Alupotti more, respectively. However, more acute zone of Rajshahi city are Bhodra more, Rail station, Talaimari more, Rail gate and Kashiadanga more where noise level is above 100 dB. The study could show any clear relationship between noise level and traffic volume rather it depends upon the whistling of vehicles. These zones are mostly traffic intensive and having always public crowd. The inter district buses are mainly standing in these points to collect passengers and whistling frequently. The study suggested that whistling of the vehicles must be restricted within the city during the collection of passengers.


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