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posted on 2022-03-28, 08:08 authored by Daphne MiedemaDaphne Miedema, George Fletcher, Efthimia AivaloglouEfthimia Aivaloglou
ICPC'22 replication package for - So many brackets! An analysis of how SQL learners (mis)manage complexity during query formulation

In this work we investigate the problem of complexity in SQL query formulation. The complexity of SQL does not just result in syntax and semantic errors, but can also hinder comprehension for novices during query formulation. Our research question is: How do students deal with complexity during query formulation? To analyze SQL complexity throughout the query formulation process, we approach complexity in our dataset from four angles: correctness, execution order, edit distance and query intricacy. We examine the intermediate and final queries that 104 students submitted to the database as solutions for six exercises, grouping by participant and exercise number. This series of attempts gives us insight into how students approach query building and how they manage and mismanage complexity during query formulation.

For more information on the analysis, read the README included in the replication package.


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