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Essentiality of family education in fostering a refined social order

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conference contribution
posted on 10.12.2021, 05:34 authored by Swami Gurunand JnanathapaswiSwami Gurunand Jnanathapaswi

In a fast-moving world that runs after money, power and pleasure; parents are facing constrains in spending ‘quality time’ with their children. They are trying to substitute their ‘presence’ with ‘presents.' This is affecting the children’s emotional and moral development to a large extent and nothing to say about spiritual development. At the same time, many of the so-called parents were not able to provide themselves as effective caregivers. The majority of the parents are unsure of their childrearing practices. They slither along the path of childrearing and it is the children who are being left alone in a dilemma. The number of divorce cases and hence the number of single parent families are also in an upsurge. As the most significant task confronting any society is the nurturance of future generations, it is important to think about this issue seriously as this could come out of the families and project itself as a social matter in near future when the number of troubled families and children increase profoundly. In this milieu, only an efficient family education program could remediate the recurring cycle of poor parenting with the youth before they themselves become parents. Both the boy and the girl, before entering the family life should have the in-depth insight of the greater responsibility they are about to take. For that, the concept of family education should be imparted to senior secondary students as part of their curriculum, as it is practically the final stage of mass education.