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Doctoral Consortium 5 - Factors influencing video Quality of Experience: measurements and theoretical model

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conference contribution
posted on 12.07.2022, 18:09 authored by Kamil Koniuch


Over the last decade, user subjective perception attracted interest in video quality studies. Researchers infer about the Quality of Experience (QoE) based on participants’ statements, behaviors, and psychophysiological reactions. This is because an objective evaluation of QoE is impossible due to its subjective nature. Thus, clear operationalization of variables in QoE studies is crucial. For that purpose theoretical background is necessary. Current descriptive models of QoE consist of many strongly correlated variables and omit the role of essential factors such as content. In my Ph.D., I investigate factors influencing QoE which are important from the perspective of the user. To be able to conclude about those multiple, complex variables I am working on a new video QoE model inspirited by Structural Causal Models. This model help to generate hypotheses and operationalize variables. It also could be used to design statistical analyses for complex datasets.


Koniuch, K. (2022). Factors influencing video Quality of Experience: measurements and theoretical model. In Doctoral Consortium - ACM International Conference on Interactive Media Experiences: IMX 2022 (pp. 27–32).  Aveiro, Portugal. 


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