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Doctoral Consortium 3 - Augmenting Speech Agent with Gaze for Enhancing Interaction

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conference contribution
posted on 2022-07-12, 18:09 authored by Razan Jaber


Speech technologies are increasing in popularity by offering new interaction modalities for users. Despite the prevalence of these devices and the rapid improvement of the underlying technology, there has been a slower improvement in interaction with them. Spoken interaction design centers around the use of a wake-word to initiate interaction and the transcription of the users’ spoken instructions to complete the task. However, in human-to-human conversation, speech is initiated by and supplemented with other modalities, such as gaze and gesture. My research focuses on the need to better understand how human-technology ‘conversations’ can be improved by borrowing from human-human interaction. Recent developments in gaze tracking present new opportunities for social computing. Therefore, Tama – a gaze-activated smart speaker, was designed to explore the use of gaze in conversational interaction. Tama uses gaze to indicate attention and intent to interact on behalf of the user and as feedback.


Jaber, R. (2022). Augmenting Speech Agent with Gaze for Enhancing Interaction. In Doctoral Consortium - ACM International Conference on Interactive Media Experiences: IMX 2022 (pp. 15–19).  Aveiro, Portugal.


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