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Computational Social Science in "Science" and "Nature"

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conference contribution
posted on 24.02.2021, 20:48 authored by Joseph ShaheenJoseph Shaheen

The growth of Computational Social Science as a subject that encompasses a variety of disciplines, topics, and methods has seen a dramatic increase over the last period. New entrants into this trans-disciplinary field come from a variety of disciplines and interests causing disruption, a re-questioning of accepted principles, and sometimes down-right theater. In this session I hope to cover some of the more salient themes of Computational Social Science development concerning the study of networks with a focus on the last 2 years of issues from “Science” and “Nature” journals, parsed manually. Given time and space, I’ll share a rudimentary meta-analysis of the articles published in those two top ranked journals. The session should be of interest to scholars who need to be informed about developments in the field especially top general interest journals, but cannot dedicate the necessary time to search, find, and digest all relevant publications, or those who are curious about the direction of this ever-expanding field.


Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education