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Adaptive Single Phase Auto-Reclosing Using Voltage Magnitude Pattern

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conference contribution
posted on 20.11.2020, 10:39 authored by Arman Ghaderi BaayehArman Ghaderi Baayeh, Sadegh Jamali
This paper presents a novel adaptive single phase auto-reclosing (ASPAR) scheme based on the first derivation of local voltage magnitude (VM) of the faulted phase for determination of dead time of transient faults. The algorithm is fast and uses low-frequency sampling and adaptive threshold value (ATV). This algorithm is effective for all transmission line configurations (transposed or untransposed) with different levels of reactive power compensation. The performance of the proposed algorithm has been verified using the Electromagnetic Transient Program (EMTP) for numerous simulation studies. The results of investigations on different conditions, including the pre-fault line loading, the circuit breaker opening angle, arc type, and fault location show the reliability and validity of the algorithm.