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ceholden/yatsm: Yet Another Time Series Model (YATSM): v0.6.2

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posted on 09.07.2019, 00:31 by Chris Holden, Paulo Arevalo, Valerie Pasquarella


Bug fix release v0.6.2 from v0.6.x-maintenance branch.


  • Fix missing predictions on pixel plotter (commit 9c07f6cbe436bc5063d930b9e9139036a437a94b, 9c07f6cbe436bc5063d930b9e9139036a437a94b)
  • Fix issue with synthetic image predictions in yatsm map (commit c33ea1c5fbbe835c4bacd6ecea334886442d1af3)
  • Clean up output result files of any Python objects (commit e2e61542689ff7626681c4dfff8da511eab46127)
  • With @valpasq, add "seasonal" symbology option to yatsm pixel (commit e594ecdb52a54b1664c5d062b362e0f05ac7bc23)
  • CCDCesque: Fixed for case when a model refit would try to take place despite n < p (commit 5c27bad3f394e35166ae94e3663692ecd7bcfe43)